What It Is

SLPs use these materials during online therapy. They are sets of interactive digital task cards that students complete by manipulating numbers, letters, words, or pictures. Similar to paper task cards, these digital cards allow students to practice and review skills and concepts in an online format. Boom Cards are designed by professionals to be shared either free or at a cost (determined by the professional).

How It Works

Boom Cards provide interactive activities that are perfect for targeting various speech and language goals. Because they can be so versatile, Boom Cards can be designed to target almost any goal. They are especially helpful when doing online therapy. You can make your own Boom Cards or use cards created by other professionals. Boom Cards can be accessed on the Boom Learning site. The website has a storefront for purchasing Boom Cards, a library to store your purchases, and a place to create and save your ‘classes’. Boom Cards can also be found on other sites such as Teachers Pay Teachers, to be used on the Boom Learning website.

Pros & Cons

No prep therapy materials! As mentioned, you can design your own cards for specific targets/goal areas, or you can search their vast library of resources. Kids seem to enjoy the variety and the interactive nature of these materials. As a professional, you can join for free. Once you have joined you can create folders to house specific materials. Folders can be created for individual students, classes, goal areas, or however, you prefer to organize your materials. Boom Cards are great for virtual therapy sessions but can be used during in-person sessions as well. They can be accessed on your computer or some tablets via their app. 

You do need to ‘join’ the website to use Boom Cards. Joining is free, though, so this may not qualify as a con. Additionally, cards are designed by other professionals which means you may occasionally find typos or errors in the materials. Be mindful of reviewing materials before using them in your session.

Is It Worth It?

The short answer is yes! Boom Cards range in price, but many are free. That means the cost can be as much as you’d like to invest in them. You can find Boom Cards on their website (https://wow.boomlearning.com/) or the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Boom Cards are a great cost-effective tool to have in the toolbox.

Cocoa Berry
Author: Cocoa Berry